Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Extracurricular Activities

Yesterday I wrote about our Curriculum Plans for Third Grade and today I thought I would lay out our plans for the extra activities we will be participating in for the year.  Of course this list will be ever-changing, but I think I have a handle on the bulk of what we will be doing.

Starting in September, dance will take up almost four hours a week.  Tap/Jazz and Company (which covers several forms of dance) on one day and Lyrical and Ballet II on another.  She loves her classes and instructor and all the girls get along very well. 

She has been taking piano lessons for almost two years now.  She really enjoys it and still likes to practice.  Her 30 min piano lesson will be once a week before dance.

Book Club
About 11 girls whose ages range from about 7 to 12 years old are in an American Girl Book Club that meets just once a month.  We have only been to one club meeting but we are hopeful it will continue throughout the year. 

Jr. Homemakers Club
A friend is starting a Jr. Homemakers Club which will run twice a month.  She will be teaching about 14 girls to sew on machines, hand stitch, crochet, and bake.  We are very excited about this starting next week! 

Art Club
Another mom is starting an Art Club that will run twice a month.  This won't start until the end of August and we are hoping to make the majority of the meetings.  The first project will be making a robot.  My daughter is excited about it.

Field Trips
Like every year, I'm sure we will be going on a ton of field trips.  Our first one is already scheduled in a couple weeks. 

We are blessed to have so many moms in our area excited to start groups!

So that sums up most of our activities for the year so far.  All of them, except the field trips, will take place in the afternoons so no school will be missed.  :)



That's a great list! We do Scouts and Field Trips mostly, but this year (call me crazy)I am starting a Lego Club for our homeschool group.


Wow! Looks like a great list of extracurriculurs. We participate in a Shakespeare class, church group, and swimming.

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Mary, we have a mom starting a Lego Club too, I didn't even list it b/c I'm not sure I can committ. I know my daughter would love it though.

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