Monday, July 25, 2011

Curriculum Plans for Third Grade

I think I have finalized our plans for our third grade year.  I'm sure I will tweak things here and there and possibly find some new things, especially since I will be doing curriculum reviews again this year for the TOS Crew, but I think this will cover the bulk of what we will be doing.

We will be using Bigger Hearts for His Glory, from Heart of Dakota, which uses a biographical approach to American history from the 1500's-1970's. 

For History the main spines will be First Book in American History, Journeys in Time, and Stories of Great Americans.

For Science we will be reading through One Small Square: Seashore and Woods, Science in Colonial America, and A Pioneer Sampler

For Bible we are currently reading through Proverbs and in the fall we will start Community Bible Study, where we both will be studying Luke.

For Math we are using Righstart Level D.  I went back and forth about this for a while and was very close to choosing another math program (we've been using Rightstart since the first level). 

Our daughter struggled last year and I just wasn't sure if it was the program or just her not liking math.  I've decided to slow our pace down and play more games in between lessons.  My plan is to take a year and a half on this level. 

In addition to Rightstart and math games, I am going to have her work through Daily Word Problems, Grade 3

For the past two years we used First Language Lessons for Grammar.  We enjoyed it but I have heard good things about Rod & Staff and just happened to find the third grade books at a used curriculum sale.

So for Grammar we are using Beginning Wisely, English 3

Spelling is the only subject I am not 100% sure on.  We have used All About Spelling for two years but I wanted to try something new before we continued.  I found Sequential Spelling 1 at a used curriculum sale but I it seems a bit too easy (their online test places her in book 3).  We are currently working through some of it along with a 4th grade spelling list I found online.  Spelling comes naturally for her so once we get through the lists I have made, I'll focus on the words she gets wrong.  At that time I may revisit All About Spelling and purchase level 3.  Oh, and we are also working through Explode the Code 5.

For Writing, we are currently working through Writing Strands 3.  My daughter is enjoying it and we can speed up or slow down the pace as we see fit.

Once we finish with Writing Strands, which will probably be in late fall, I am going to be starting her in Excellence in Writing's Student Writing Intensive (SWI) A.  I am excited about this program and hoping it will take her writing to the next level.

For Handwriting she will be using New American Cursive Book 3.

For Independent Reading we are using the Drawn Into the Heart of Reading Teacher's Guide and Student Book Level 2-3.  I've chosen nine books, each in a different genre, that she is to read independently.  After each chapter is read, we go over discussion questions and sometimes there is a worksheet for her to complete. 

For Read Alouds, I've chosen a different set of nine books, each in a different genre, that I read aloud to her.  These correspond with the units in Bigger Hearts for His Glory.

For Latin she will be working on Latin for Children A

She finished Song School Latin already and enjoyed it so we are going to continue with Classical Academic Press.  I think it will be challenging but CAP makes it fun with their songs and online supplements.

So that is the bulk of what she will be working on this year.  I have a couple other workbooks, like Maps, Charts, and Graphs D and Building Thinking Skills Level 2, which she will just work on once a week. 

Looking at this list does seem like a lot, but really it all gets done in no more than about four hours a day.




Looks like a great line up!
:-) Hope y'all enjoy the year!!


sounds like a wonderful year you have planned!


We are going to use Bigger for 3rd grade this year too! Enjoy ...

The Adventurer

I hear so many great things about IEW, I really want to give it a try but cost is a bit much for us right now:( I hope to talk my husband into trying it soon. Good year is planned for your third grader:)


Following from the crew - we have a 3rd grade girl, too! But it doesn't look like we are using anything alike. It'll be great to hear how your year goes and how you like all your choices! :)

Tara O

Sounds like a GREAT year planned. I'm really curious about the R&S Grammar.

I also have a 3rd grader this year too. (and a 1st and 9th grader).

SmallWorld at Home

Looks like a great year! I know what you mean about the list looking so long, and yet we actually do manage to fit it all in in 4 hours or less. Such is the gift of homeschooling!


We used Heart of Dakota our first year & loved it!! Now my age range is too wide, but it is a wonderful curriculum.

We began using IEW (SIW) this July & I cannot tell you how great it is!! My son hated writing & it was not his strong subject. Now I catch him laughing during the videos (truly engaged in the lesson) & he was writing complete paragraphs the first day! It is a fantastic curriculum!!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Tara, the R&S is going great. There is a bit of writing so sometimes I just have her tell me the answers. If you scroll down a couple posts from this link, you will see a couple samples.

Our Homeschool Reviews

Tiffany, I'm so happy to hear that. I can't wait until we use it. Hoping my daughter likes it!


I'm using Heart of Dakota, too, so that was fun to see. Looks like a great plan--I'll subscribe to your blog!

Very Blessed Mamma

We did Writing strands too! I actually have level 4, and understanding fiction for sale if you need them.

We are IEW people now! HA We are doing SWI level B.

Thanks for linking up with me. It has been so fun!


Looks like a great plan. Latin for Children was one of our favorite reviews last year.

Very Blessed Mamma

Stopping by from the TOS blog Hop!

I am already following, and have already read this post too, but still wanted to let you know I stopped by! Have a great day.

Fresh Start Academy

following your blog from the TOS Crew Great to get to know you and Hope you have a wonderful school year

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads

Looks like you're going to have a great school year. IEW has really changed things around our house, so grateful for that review last year. We ended up purchasing the continuation course because we liked it so much. :)

Our Village is a Little Different

I hope the year is going well. We use RS Math. We are doing the geometry this year and she recommends doing it over two years with pre-algebra, and that's what we'll do. Slower is okay. The boys don't jump for joy when I pull out the math, but they have an amazing foundation.

We do love IEW though. We loved it so much that we're still pulling out the DVDs as they relate to what we're learning in our current writing program. (per the boys request!)


Stopping by from the TOS hop (even though I'm already a follower. Ha!) Looks like you have a busy year coming up!


I will be very curious to hear how both Bigger Hearts as well as RS Level D go for you, as I'm considering both of these for my own children in the future! I will subscribe so I can get your updates.

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