Monday, July 11, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

i'm kinda really cranky today.  i don't know why.  the day started out fine, we went to swim and i worked out and then came back home.  somewhere between going outside in the heat to blow bubbles and catch bugs and taking a shower i got cranky.  i'll blame the heat.  it's hot out!

my daughter finally got her ribbons today.  these are for the last two swim meets.  her times for the second meet (on the right) were actually faster than the first but there were probably three times as many kids competing.  so very proud of her!!

she is playing with moon sand and the sand hitting the kitchen floor is not helping my crankiness...but she is cute in this pic.  ;)

last night i decided to empty the two kitchen cabinets that hold all our craft supplies.  my plan is to purchase a cabinet and put it in the school room to hold them all.  right now we have a messy pile of stuff.  i could use some help with this.  not sure what kind of cabinet will work best (but it has to fit in this space).  I am hoping home depot will have something that will work.

maisy needs a hair cut!  can you even see her eyes?  she'll be going to the groomer this week.  poor thing!




The heat will certainly make most people cranky. I remember times when my kids were little, I'd get in their kiddie pool with them on hot days. Better to laugh at myself than be cranky all over everyone.


Well, the heat is enough to get me cranky too at times! :-)

I don't know the space size, but Target might have something too....I'm trying to remember. I've been working in our upstairs space and am running out of room to arrange----and sweating while I'm at it. LOL I really wish I could just "poof" a customized Pottery Barn cabinet/storage space look in every room up there! LOL

You'll have to post a picture of what you find. (And good luck! I hope you find it easily!)

The Adventurer

I hear there is a heat wave in the states (family told me) hope you get some relief soon:) Good luck finding a cabinet for your craft supplies we are so disorganization that we are bursting at the seams but our rental house id just too small.

JDaniel4's Mom

I think Moon Sand should state that it should be played with outside on the package.

What a wonderful array of ribbons!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Vicki, the kiddie pool sounds like a good idea. We had one when our daughter was smaller but I bet she would still like it. Me too. ;)

Our Homeschool Reviews

Kim, I haven't checked Target yet. I did check Walmart and they didn't have anything that would work. I would like that same Pottery Barn look in all my rooms too. :)

Our Homeschool Reviews

Anna-Marie, it seems like we went from having the longest winter to a hot, hot summer. My car likes to remind me that it feels over 100 everyday. :( When I find a cabinet I'll post it. Hoping to find it soon!

Our Homeschool Reviews

JDaniel4's Mom, I agree about the moon sand...and the ribbons. ;)

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