Friday, July 1, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge: Week 2

Debra over at Footprints in the Butter has been hosting a Reading Aloud Challenge each week on her blog.  Last week was the first time I participated and thought I would try again today.  

Let me start by saying that I do not have any little ones in the house anymore.  I use to read several books aloud to my daughter each day.  Not so much anymore.  I still do read aloud to her, but she can be found at any given time, tucked away in a corner of the house reading to herself.  She does love when I read to her still, it is just not as often.

So, with that said, this week I am continuing to read aloud the same book as last week, Pocahontas and the Strangers.  I am only reading a chapter a day so it is going kinda slow.  Today we have to catch up so we'll read a few. 

I am also still reading aloud One Small Square: Seashore, which I talked about in my Weekly-Wrap Up last week. 

A book that that she is reading to herself and then telling me about (and sometimes reading parts to me) is called Capyboppy

This is a very fun and humorous book about a family who gets a capybara as a pet.  The pictures are cute and it's fun to see what silly trouble the capybara gets into.  

She will be finishing it today so I am looking forward to hearing how it ends. 

What have you been reading aloud this week?


Michelle Smith

Sounds like a pretty good week. Keep reading to your daughter. I know she can read on her own, but children still thrive on being reading to, even when it is just a chapter or two a day.

Our Homeschool Reviews

We still do, just not quite as much. We both enjoy that snuggle time together. :)


Cappyboppy was my son's favourite book! And reading aloud is still a family favourite! It doesn't seem to matter how old the kids get, sometimes, they just want to be read to. As do I!


Sorry it took me so long this week to come and comment! My check-ins usually look a lot like yours. You know... "I'm still reading blah blah blah, and we're still working on yada, yada, yada..."

I have to check out your wrapup about One Small Square. I have wanted to try out that series and just never have...

Our Homeschool Reviews

Debra, I just stopped by yours again today. At least you had more to add...I have nothing this week.

And the One Small Square series is great. We love them.

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