Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flea Circus Review

RnR Games Flea Circus

Step right up!  Calling all cats and dogs!  The flea circus is about to begin! 

We love to play games at our house so we were super excited when we were given the chance to try out a fun family card game called Flea Circus by R&R Games

Flea Circus is very simple to play.  The fleas are performing in a circus.  There are fire eaters, fleas who shoot out of cannonballs, flea weightlifting, and various other flea attractions.  The cats and dogs go from tent to tent, trying to decide which show to watch.  Players have to use their best flea cards to attract the most cats and dogs.  Whoever fills their tent with the most "spectator" points wins (dogs are 2 points and cats 1 point). 

Below is the game setup with all cats and dogs in the middle.

This game is right up my daughter's alley as it has 40 rubber dogs and cats (she loves animals).  Every time a dog or cat enters her tent they have to make some sort of noise or say something (of course). 

Below you can see all the cats and dogs at each players "tent".  Notice how they are all watching the fleas on the cards performing their stunts.

And my daughter's favorite attraction card is the one below.  We are guessing he is the flea with the longest beard.  It's really long for a flea, don't you think?

My Thoughts:  Flea Circus is a very cute card game and we have had a lot of fun playing it together.  It is for 2-6 players, and I think the more the merrier.   

Thoughts of an 8-Year Old:  I definitely love Flea Circus!  It has cute cards and I try to pick cards carefully (think before I pick) to make sure the dogs and cats I'm inviting like the attractions.  I also try to put dog catchers down so the game lasts longer.  I love all of Flea Circus and hope we get more games by that creator that turn out to be just as good!  

Find Out More: You can find out more about Flea Circus and many other fun games on the R&R Games website.  Flea Circus sells for $15.95 (and is for ages 6 and up) but if you use the coupon code CREW20 you can get 20% off any purchase from their website from now through the end of the year!!!

R&R Games has a wide array of games for kids, families, parties, and those looking for a little more of a challenge in strategy.

My Crewmates are also reviewing Flea Circus, as well as Pig Pile, so you can check out what they think HERE.


Disclosure:  This product was given to Our Homeschool Reviews for free for review purposes, and I do not have to return the products to the vendor.  I have received no compensation from it and all opinions and experiences within this review are my own. 



The Zookeeper

Looks like a very neat game! I might have to use that coupon code! XOXO

Modest Mama

Nice review and it reminded me of the coupon code! I better add mine now LOL!!!


We reviewed this too - my ds loved it. It's a really cute game :)

Growing In God's Wisdom

Popping over from the crew. Sounds like a really fun game for the family.


That sounds like fun. We enjoyed Pig Pile.

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