Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Puzzle #1

Can you guess what this is?

(Answer on Thursday)



I have no clue what that picture is! Looking forward to seeing the answer! I will however *guess* I think its an outfit? thats the fabric? ok I know Im off the rocker lol however I will try once more... It looks like some kinda fence!?! XOXO


This is a great idea! Making Wordless Wednesday a puzzle! And I am puzzled what that is ;-)!!!!
I give the Wordless Wednesday as a recommendation for great blogs about healing from abuse. Here is mine

Diana Mancuso

I am completely stumped.

Jacinda Vandenberg

A speaker, I think. From a radio, or computer, boombox, or something...


I agree with Jacinda...cause I'm not creative enough to think of my own answer. :)


Vent or grate from computer or other electronic device.


I was thinking it might be a close-up of a honeycomb... but no honey dripping and it looks a bit large. Can't wait until Thursday for the answer!

Great post!


Some sort of fan/vent cover. A very clean one at that! ;)


close up of a speaker?

The Mommy

I was thinking a microphone....

Really great idea for a WW post!


The boys have a microphone that looks like that.

Beth M

A grill to a car?

Just Another Mom of Twins

I am thinking a blowdryer...what a GREAT idea! I use t love doing these in the "OWL" magazines when I was a kid...thanks for "taking me back"!


Cool picture! The only thing I can guess is a metal file paper sorter

Good Girl Gone Green

blow dryer? a fence?


I'm really thinking a close up of a speaker...or some of that textured sticky stuff that you line things with so things don't slide around--I have no idea what it's called...

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud

It's a grate or vent of some sort.


my guess is a microphone


Really no clue. Though now that I look at my computer speaker it almost looks like a close up of that.

Our Homeschool Reviews

Just posted the answer. It was our alarm clock's speaker cover (so a few of you got it right). Thanks for playing along, this was pretty fun. Maybe I'll start throwing this in more often! :)


How fun was that! Blessings!


Submitted a link and now following from the Crew! :)


How fun. I was way off- thought it might be a b/w close up of a beeswax.

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