Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Nickname

Back in August I posted that I wanted to find a nickname for my daughter who I have always just referred to as "my daughter."  Aren't I creative?!

I received several suggestions.  {Thank You!!}  She looked them over for a while, and liked many of them.  But in the end, she decided to pick her own.

So from now on, or until she decides she wants to change it, her nickname will be...

Funny Bunny
or FB for short

Not sure where it came from exactly, but I guess if she likes it, that is all that matters.  :)

Thanks for everyone for their suggestions!




Thanks for stopping by! Following you on GFC!


That's so cute! Is this the time to tell you that I call my husby 'Honey Bunny'?

Our Village is a Little Different

I like it!


Cute! Nicknames are funny things... I have called my daughter Pooker D'Booker for years and years, no idea why. LOL


That is cute! My daughter likes "rat girl" for her nickname(she has pet rats)!

Our Homeschool Reviews

She is happy I'm using it officially on my blog now...lol! The little things...


Funny Bunny is a super cute pseudonym!

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