Friday, September 2, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge

Debra over at Footprints in the Butter has been hosting a Reading Aloud Challenge each week so I will be linking up with her.

I finished reading Almost Home aloud and we both enjoyed it. 

Here is the best part about it:

My daughter knew {I thought} that this was a nonfiction book, it was about a real story and real people (of course there is no record of what the passengers actually said at the time).  But somewhere along the way she must have thought it was more of a historical fiction and that, although the events were real, the people were made up.  While reading the Epilogue, her eyes widened as I read that all the characters and major events, right down to one of the little boy almost blowing up the ship, were all real.  She just couldn't believe that Mary Chilton was once a real person!  That whole story, which was already so good to begin with, just meant so much more to her now.  I love that about great books!

The new book I am reading aloud is Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  In the past I read the first book in the Little House series aloud, Little House in the Big Woods.  I think I had started to read Little House on the Prairie but never finished it...oops!  One day I would like to read them all aloud in order. 

I just love the way Laura Ingalls Wilder writes, as if you, the reader, are right there at that very moment, eating the wonderful food or seeing the animals in the barn. 

My daughter has already asked for a full breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, jellies...the works. We are not a big breakfast eating family over here.  More like cereal, oatmeal, or frozen waffles.  Maybe one day we'll have breakfast for dinner like they did back in the day.  ;)

What have you been reading aloud this week?



I like the big breakfast for dinner idea. That's always a hit with my kids.


I love the Little House books and show! That's cute about your daughter not realizing the first book was nonfiction :) We enjoy breakfast for dinner at our house every now and then and recently my MIL made sausage gravy with our dinner breakfast...I won't be eating that again...the grease from the gravy made me so sick :(, but it was good going down :)


We're big fans of the 'breakfast for dinner' idea! And I'm so excited, this week, I'm going to be reading my own book, Carving Angels (, to my grandkids! My copies of the book came in the mail and the kids are all coming over so we can read it together! Life is good!


Farmer Boy is one of my most favorite books from my childhood and it's been fun to share it with my children. The lit study on Little House in the Big Woods is from The Phonics Road. I *think* you can buy it seperately, but it also ties into their L.A. program!


Oh, everyone is making me go check the library this week. I have to look into Almost Home.

It is so amazing to peek into the reading lives of so many others each week! Glad you are one of them. :)

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