Monday, January 23, 2012

Favorite Educational Apps

I received an iPad from hubby over a year ago as a gift, but quickly realized I would be the one person in the house to use it the least. 

Of course, Funny Bunny uses it the most, playing the many apps we have downloaded for her. 

So what are some of our favorites?

Stack the States
As cheap as I am, I did fork over the $0.99 to purchase this one.  Funny Bunny loves it and has learned all her states and where they are located by playing this fun game.

Stack the Countries
She is still using the trial version, but since she mastered the states, she enjoys playing this one.  I may buy her the full version as a surprise.  ;)

GoSkyWatch Planetarium
Fun to take outside at night, lay on the ground, hold it up, and have it point out what you are looking at

Great puzzles

Flashnote Derby
I reviewed this one here.  Good practice for those learning their music notes.

Doodle Buddy and Whiteboard
Two of Funny Bunny's favorite drawing apps

Cute geometry games for ages 4 and up

BrainPOP Featured Movie
They play a new educational movie each day.  We both love BrainPOP!!

I could seriously be here all day listing all the apps we enjoy and I can't wait to read the posts from the other blogs participating to get some more ideas!



We love the Stack the States and Countries games too!


I just got a an Ipad for Christmas; this had some great ideas even for a grandmother.
Blessings to your suggestions on this one.

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If I hadn't been so short on time, I would have listed more!

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