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How to Fit "The Arts" in School

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Susan at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds is hosting a Virtual Curriculum Fair for January.  Each Monday a new theme will be introduced that concentrates on a field of study.

Jan 2 - Playing with Words: the Language Arts
Jan 9 - Discovering Patterns: Math, Logic, and Science
Jan 16 - Exploring Our World: Social Studies and more Science
Jan 23 - Seeking Beauty: the Arts
Jan 30 - The Nuts & Bolts: Pulling it all Together

Our Homeschool Reviews will be one of the many blogs participating {about 30 all together}!!  Although I am a day late, I'm still going to be joining in and today I'll be talking about Art!

Sometimes I find it very hard to incorporate The Arts into our homeschool day.  There are so many other things that HAVE to get accomplished, anything extra just gets brushed to the side. 


Funny Bunny LOVES to draw, so I pretty much let her draw whenever she wants to.  I don't correct anything that she draws and I always praise her work.  We have, however, used a few programs and/or books that teaching drawing. 

Artistic Pursuits is a program we are currently using. I have written a review on it that you can read more about here. Students learn technical skills while creating original works of art. Book One at each level provides an overview of drawing, covering the elements of art and composition and Book Two provides an overview of color theory and composition.

We also use the Draw and Write Through History and Draw Write Now books. 

Funny Bunny likes how these show the process of how to draw things, but she doesn't neccesarily like to go step by step.  We have several.


Well, we have this one covered with ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical each week. 


Funny Bunny has been taking piano lessons for two years now.  She's been working in Alfred's Basic All-in-One Course books.  She started with Book 1 and is about halfway through Book 5. 

We bought a used electric piano about a year ago and she loves to practice each day, without me having to make her.


Poetry is included with our Heart of Dakota curriculum.  She learns a new poem each week that goes along with the history topic that week.


Funny Bunny is taking a Jr. Homemaker's class where she has learned beginning crochet, sewing, baking, and now cake decorating. 

** All participants in this Virtual Curriculum Fair will be posted below as they link up!! ** 


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Great post, thank you for joining us!

Leah C

We really enjoy Draw Write Now also!

Modest Mama

Draw and Write through History looks pretty good. I may have to check it out!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Draw and Write through History has been great!

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