Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Snacktime

{He caught us peeking}


Mama to 4

these are my favorite birds! looks like he is posing for you!

alissa apel

Such a great beginning to spring!


and such a beautiful color!


Cardinals have such a beautiful colour...we sometimes have them at our feeder in winter and the contrast of the red bird against the white snow is spectacular!

Thanks for linking up your WW post at OMSY.

Monica, Older Mommy Still Yummy


So beautiful! I don't see those often anymore- not really a TX bird.


Love it. I don't know what your post-editing process is but I'd love to see this shot slightly overexposed with more contrast to make that bird pop even more than he does.


What an awesome shot!

My name is Tiffany

Great shot. I guess now would be a good time for me to get the bird feeder out. Guess I will get to that asap.

Stacey @ RealWorldMom (Linky)

Great capture! I see Cardinals somewhat often here, but I never seem to have my camera (or phone) nearby. Happy spring! :)

The Green House

Nice shot! Thanks for sharing!

Happy WW from Jordyn @ The Green House!

The Green House

BTW, I'm a new follower via GFC, FB, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Jenni Ryan

Thank you for stopping by Our Journey! I am a new follower :)

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