Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Young Entrepreneurs

We had a garage sale over the weekend so Funny Bunny and her friend set up a lemonade stand.  They sold lemonade, cookies, lollipops, and beaded jewelry.  They had been making the jewelry since last summer, so there was quite a bit and they were very excited. 

We did not interfere at all.  The girls greeted each customer, answered questions, and gave change all own their own.  Several people saw their bright smiles and stopped just for them.  :)

They decided to donate half of their proceeds to the Safe Animal Shelter.  They were able to donate $20 and still had a little to keep for themselves. 

I'm so proud of them both.  It was a great learning experience.



What a great experience for the girls! We always held yard sales when our girls were little, and they learned a lot about how to deal with folks from them.

Isn't so satisfying when you see them using the lessons you have worked for years to teach them?

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