Saturday, September 1, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal 9-1-12

In my life this week…  

I watched several documentaries on food.  Forks over Knives, Engine 2, Food Inc., Fat, Tired, and Nearly Dead, Food Matters, and Food Fight to name a few.  I had seen Food Inc. a while ago so I decided to watch it again.  I'm glad I did...hoping to take meat out of my diet.  

My goals are simple: Cut down on dairy and meat and eat more fruits and vegetables.  

I am not throwing everything we have in the house that is bad away.  We are going to ease slowly into this while trying new things and discovering what we like.  I'll try to post our menu plans for the week on Monday.

In our homeschool this week…  

In science Funny Bunny learned about plants and flowers.

And she made a terrarium.

In history we learned about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt through the Greeks at the time of King David.

These are the three books we have been reading for the past few weeks.  I'm reading Tirzah aloud and the other two Funny Bunny has been reading to herself.

A very exciting part of the week was Funny Bunny taking her first Essentials Class through Classical Conversations.  Essentials is an intense grammar and writing class that includes math games for grades 4-6.  She was nervous about taking it but ended up loving the class.  She participated and had a great time!

Below is a poem Funny Bunny wrote for class which focuses on quality adjectives and alliteration.

My favorite thing this week was…

our TCBY field trip, which I have absolutely no pictures of, and signing up Funny Bunny for the American Heritage Girls!  Registration night was Monday and there were 40 children!  Wow!  We are both excited to get started!  She already has the oath memorized.

"I promise to love God, Cherish my family, Honor my country, and Serve in my community."  Below is the craft they completed.




Great week, Christine!

I'm on the no junk bandwagon, starting today, and I'm hoping to post about it. Forks Over Knives certainly was eye opening for me.

I love Funny Bunny's writings and drawings! Oh how I wish my Thoughtful had the desire to write, but its just not naturally in him. He's likes math though, to each his own!

I hope you get to post about your menu next week. I need some healthier ideas!

Leah C

Looks like a good week. I've watched Food, Inc and I've wanted to see Forks over Knives. I need to watch it.

Our Homeschool Reviews

Well today I posted our menu for the week. I don't think I am doing anything hard or crazy so it should go fairly smoothly.

Donna, writing and drawing is definitely her strength! Math not so much, although when we took a break from our normal math curriculum and did LOF, she announced it was her favorite subject! ;)

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