Friday, March 1, 2013

Art Instruction DVDs BOGO Sale!

These Art DVDs have been getting great reviews!  Hearts at Home is run by a friend and fellow homeschool family, so please check them out!

Simply purchase Volume 1 set and we will send you
Volume 2 Set for FREE! No coupon necessary ~
while supplies last.
Mike's Inspiration Station: Volumes 1-6
DVD Set $39.95 $31.96 Save 20%!

Mike's Inspiration Station: Volumes 1-6
engages homeschool children with 13
fun projects in drawing, painting, sculpting,
and a variety of other arts and crafts.
Appropriate for children and teens from
ages 8-16, these hands-on DVDs allow
kids to draw cartoons, dinosaurs, and the
biblical giant Goliath right along with
popular television host Michael Cariglio.

Younger viewers also enjoy watching just to see how colorful projects like clothes
pin puppets and flower pot pals come together. Plus, each episode features
Michael's animated sidekick, Booker T Bible, who adds inspiration from Scripture. (Approx. Running Time: 325 min.)

Mike's Inspiration Station: Volumes 7-12
DVD Set $39.95 $31.96 Save 20%!

Michael Cariglio (Pappyland) and his
sidekick Booker T Bible continue to inspire
kids to develop their God-given gifts of
creativity. As seen on the Trinity
Broadcasting Network, this series
demonstrates 13 art projects targeted for
children ages 8-16.

Projects include making a clay fish and
creating fun clouds, as well as drawing a shepherd and his sheep, Noah's ark,
Jonah and the whale, and a bluebird. This set also includes creating a variety of
fun Christmas projects, drawing animal cartoons using numbers, and using the
word "love" to begin making a family picture. (Approx. Running Time: 325 min.)

Here are just a few of the publishers that
Hearts at Home sells for 30% off everyday:

  • Apologia (always 30% off)
  • Bright Ideas Press
  • Christian Liberty Press
  • Pearables
  • Bluestocking Press
  • A Reason For
  • Answers In Genesis

  • New Leaf Press
  • Memoria Press
  • Classical Academic Press
  • Geography Matters
  • Peace Hill Press
  • Math Essentials
  • Melissa and Doug

  • Progeny Press
  • Shurley English
  • Tyndale House
  • Vision Forum
  • Your Story Hour
  • Zeezok Publishing
  • and more!

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