Friday, March 1, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal 3-1-13

In my life this week…  

I had the opportunity to take a Green Smoothie Girl class with a good friend.  Before we signed up for the class, which was free, I had never heard of Green Smoothie Girl.  Well, I am so glad I went!  Her talk was motivating and her story was inspirational!  I immediately went home and signed up for her newsletter and am ready to get some produce to make my own green smoothies!  If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I have been trying to live a plant-based lifestyle.  Well, I've had my ups and downs but hopefully this will give me the motivation to continue!!
  I'll be blogging on how it goes!

In our homeschool this week…    

We are finishing up
Unit 26: Pirates, Pilgrimages, and Princes in Preparing Hearts for His Glory.  Last week we read about the Middle Ages and it has been fun to learn about that time period.  One of the things we are going to be reviewing this month is A Journey Through Learning LapbooksKnights and Castles Lapbook with Study Guide.  This is going right along with what we have been reading about!  You can see what Funny Bunny has been working on below.  She still has a lot more before she finishes.

Books Funny Bunny is reading independently...

Places we're going and people we're seeing...
Today Funny Bunny had her American Girl Book Club.  They finished off the Caroline series and discussed books 5 and 6.  For the craft they made cute little baskets and for snack they shook up some cream to make butter and ate it on their mini muffins.  They all had a great time!

Last weekend we took a quick getaway to Disney!!  And for once it was EMPTY!  We didn't wait more than 10 minutes for a ride.  It was amazing and the weather was overcast so it wasn't too hot either.

We arrived!

The first time we have been there before the park is even open.

It was so empty we got to ride on the Speedway...normally the lines are too long!

Some friends rode along with us.  They were spinning the tea cups.

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