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Dig It Games: Mayan Mysteries Review

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Kids seem to be playing games all the time...on the computer, iPad, iPod, DS, Wii, PlayStation, and more.  With all this technology, playing games seems inevitable.  I try my hardest to find educational games and that is why I really like Dig-It Games!

Founded by professional archaeologist and former middle-school teacher Suzi Wilczynski, Dig-It! Games develops educational games that promote creative thinking, independent learning, and cultural understanding. 

Dig-It Games offers two different games, Roman Town, which we reviewed two years ago and Funny Bunny still plays from time to time, and Mayan Mysteries, which we are reviewing right now.

Mayan Mysteries blends action and mystery with history and learning, presenting players with a unique adventure through the fascinating world of the ancient Maya. Visit excavation sites, decode glyphs, explore the mysterious Maya calendar, and more.

Funny Bunny seems to have really enjoyed this game so I'll let her tell you more about it.

Thoughts of a 10-Year Old:   When I first heard that I was getting Mayan Mysteries, I was super-excited because I had previously reviewed another Dig It game called Roman Town, and LOVED it!

When you first start Mayan Mysteries, the game takes you to a comic strip that basically tells you the prologue of the game.  Then you can choose one of the characters with an exclamation point over their head and they will either give you a minigame or a challenge.

The challenges contain little passages that give you information on the Mayan culture, and then once you've finished reading them you answer questions about the passage.

Ladrone, the looter of the famous but rare ballplayer figures, leaves several clues behind, which you can look at in the Clues section.

There are lots of math games and I really learned a lot about Mayan culture.

After you've completed everything in a level, there is a Level Challenge, which you have to take in order to move on to the next level.

The only thing I don't like about this awesome game is the fact that once you complete level 2, you have to wait for Mayan Mysteries 2 to come out! :(  It is a really great game and I learned a lot and had fun playing it!!!    

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My Thoughts:  Funny Bunny really enjoyed playing Mayan Mysteries and I liked that she was so determined to complete the game, she didn't mind working on the math, solving the puzzles, and taking the quizzes.  Some of it was really challenging for her too and she really had to think.  She used several sheets of scrap paper for her work.  Plus she learned some great information about the Mayan culture.

Both of us wish there was more playing time included with the subscription.  Funny Bunny probably played the game in 4 or 5 sittings that were about 1-2 hours long.  And as she mentioned above, the mystery is not solved at the have to stay tuned to Mayan Mysteries 2.  When she finally finished the game, I heard her yell, "What?!"  Of course she now wants me to purchase Mayan Mysteries 2.  ;)

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Dig It GamesMayan Mysteries sells for $21.99 for a single user 1-year online subscription, $9.99 for the iPad, or $299 for the classroom edition.  It's designed for grades 5-9 {or ages 11 and up} and includes about 12 hours of playing time.

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