Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Guinea Pigs

A friend needed someone to watch her guinea pigs while they went on vacation so I said we could.  Funny Bunny is in guinea pig heaven, and will be for the next 9 days.  Maisy, our miniature schnauzer, doesn't care for her new housemates so they have been moved to Funny Bunny's room.  Seems like she went to sleep fine last night so hopefully they didn't keep her up. Aren't they cute?!

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Savannah Cooper-Hughes

We've been talking about getting guinea pigs for our kids after we move and settle down. They're super cute but kinda smell :P


Love the little noises guineas make!! Happy WW!


We love our guinea pig. She cuddles and gives kisses. As for the smell, if you can find corn cob bedding where you live, it is great for order control. We put a layer of corn cob bedding in the bottom of the tray and then aspen shavings on top of the that. We find that with one guinea pig we only need to change the litter once a week.

Joyce Lansky

Last time we were around one of those, it bit everyone's fingers.

Sewing Mom

We love little critters. We have hamsters, so know all about the care pets require. =)

Our Homeschool Reviews

We had a great time with them but it made my dd realize she isn't ready for the responsibility of having one quite yet. ;)

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