Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 Days of Heart of Dakota: The Nitty Gritty

Today is DAY 2 of the August 2013 Crew Blog Hop!  My five day topic is on the Christ-centered homeschool curriculum, Heart of Dakota, and if you missed it, yesterday I wrote a brief overview of the program.

I'd like to go a little more into detail about what we have used over the years and why.  Below you can see all that Heart of Dakota offers at the moment {they are in the process of adding more}.

We actually took the books a little out of order and started with Preparing Hearts for His Glory when Funny Bunny was in 2nd grade, then we went backwards and used Bigger Hearts for His Glory when she was in 3rd.  I basically did that because we had just finished American History in 1st grade and didn't want to repeat it again the next year.  So here is how the past few years have looked:

2nd - Preparing Hearts for His Glory {overview of world history from creation to late 1900's}

3rd - Bigger Hearts for His Glory {American history from the 1500's - 1970's}

4th - Preparing Hearts for His Glory {we repeated this because we loved it so much and I liked the history overview}

5th - Creation to Christ {we start this next week and it covers in more detail the ancient time period from creation to Christ}

I've actually written quite a bit about our experience using Heart of Dakota. So if you'd like to check out tons of examples of Funny Bunny's work in both Bigger and Preparing, visit the link above.

In Bigger, Funny Bunny loved learning about John Audubon and his fascination with nature. 

Below is an example of how Heart of Dakota is Christ-centered, even when learning about the parts of a flower.

Another thing I love about Heart of Dakota is that it uses a wonderful selection of books!  Our FAVORITE book so far has been Grandpa's Box!!  It is used with Preparing, and I would recommend this book to everyone!  We have read it aloud twice now.

Another great set of books that we were introduced to for science with both Bigger and Preparing are the One Small Square books.  I continuously catch Funny Bunny reading them in her spare time, just for fun.  I love that!  ♥

I am hoping we find a favorite this year while using Creation to Christ.  Below is the lineup for history and science. {click on the pictures to make them larger}  For more detail, I've written a post about our Curriculum Plans for 5th Grade.

Again, thanks for visiting!  If you use Heart of Dakota with your family, I would love to hear from you.  Oh, and please click the banner below to visit some of the other great bloggers this week!

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