Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 Days of Heart of Dakota: Learning Through History

Today is DAY 3 of the August 2013 Crew Blog Hop!  My five day topic is on the Christ-centered homeschool curriculum, Heart of Dakota, and if you missed it, yesterday I got into the Nitty Gritty of the program and Monday I wrote a brief overview of the program.

Today I want to talk about the "Learning Through History" part of the program.  Each book covers a different time frame, so since we are about to start Creation to Christ, I'm going to be focusing on that particular book.

Learning Through History {in Creation to Christ} provides a deeper look at the ancient time period from creation to Christ told in story form. 

The areas listed below are linked with the history stories:

* Corresponding History Readings
* Prophecy Fulfillment Chart
* Guided Written Narrations
* Timeline Entries
* Copywork: Quotes, Verses, and Literature Passages
* Research Questions
* Weekly Hands-on History Projects
* Bible Passage Memory Work
* Step-by-step sketching corresponding with Greece and Rome
* Creation of a History Notebook
* Oral Narrations
* Mapping
* Personal Quiet-time Bible Study of Old and New Testament stories
* Choice of Read-aloud Options
* Corresponding Audio Overview of History

Looking at that list just gets me so excited to get started!!!

This is the first year where we use a Student Notebook and it's specifically made for Creation to Christ.  It is so beautiful and I'm sure will be a keepsake once Funny Bunny has completed it.  Below is a small sample.

The thing I love best about "Learning Through History" is that even all the subjects that aren't directly related to History, like the Poetry and Science, will many times correlate to the part of history we are learning about.

Again, thanks for visiting!  If you use Heart of Dakota with your family, I would love to hear from you.  Oh, and please click the banner below to visit some of the other great bloggers this week!

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