Friday, August 23, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal 8-23-13

In our homeschool this week…     

Funny Bunny completed Unit 2: The First Cities After the Flood in Heart of Dakota's Creation to Christ.  

Below is her notebook page for all of Unit 2.  Each day she is asked to complete a different section.  

For Geography they are using A Child's Geography and will be learning about Turkey for the first few weeks.  Below is her Travel Log from the first unit.

For her history project, she had to make clay a clay seal and tablet and roll the seal over the tablet to create markings. 

 She is still really enjoying Poetry and Art, which go together.  Every week they learn a new poem and paint a watercolor picture of a scene that goes along with it.  Below is an excerpt from the poem and a painting of a spring.

For Science we are using Apologia's Land Animals of the Sixth Day and below is an Animal Tracks book that she was asked to make.  She'll be adding to it each week.

I'm also happy to report that Saxon Math is going way better than expected!!  I'm very happy with it so far!  Right now she's mostly doing review though, so I'll be interested to see how it goes later on.

Oh, and we have been working on Your Business Math: Pet Store in our free time.  Funny Bunny has named her store, ordered the inventory, set prices, and is ready for the grand opening, which is coming soon!  Here's a sneak peek {I think she is still working on the sign}.

Books Funny Bunny is reading independently...

Books I am reading aloud to Funny Bunny...

In my life this week… 

Once again, nothing too exciting {I know you're so jealous}. School, dance, and blogging mostly.  I have started to help teach the Wednesday night 4th grade small group class so I've spent a little time preparing for that.  That's about it for me though.

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