Monday, August 26, 2013

Glee Gum: Make Your Own Chocolate Kit Review

I posted back in May about our experience with Glee Gum's Chewing Gum Making Kit and this weekend Funny Bunny and I had the opportunity to try their Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

Everything you need to make your delicious chocolate is included in the kit!

The instructions were simple!  We chose to use the microwave instead of the stove top because I know how impatient Funny Bunny can be with cooking.  ;)

Included in the kit is also some great information on chocolate and how the pods are harvested and beans fermented.  I didn't even know the beans had to ferment.  There was also a lesson on tempering the chocolate, which is one of the things we had to do.

Below Funny Bunny is holding up a cacao bean.  Two were included so we could taste it.  Overall consensus was that they were super bitter!

It was suggested that we fill our cups with peanut butter and/or marshmallows, so that is what we did!

Then the pouring began!  YUM!!!

The final product was some delicious chocolate!! 

Thoughts of a 10-Year Old:  I liked Make Your Own Chocolate Kit a lot!  The instructions were simple to follow, and I learned a lot about making chocolate.  The chocolate-making was fun, though it took a while to temper and it was messy.  I think that it was interesting to see that from that little teeny weeny cacao bean created the start of not only the delicious chocolate we made, but chocolate in stores around the world!  But I think the best part was eating the chocolates we made.  Yum!

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Glee Gum.  The Make Your Own Chocolate Kit is only $13.95.  Great for ages 8 and up!  There's also a lesson plan for grades 5-8 at the chocolate link above.

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