Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Classroom Friendly Supplies: Best Pencil Sharpener EVER!

Are you like me and buy a new, cheap pencil sharpener just about every year?  It may work some of the time, but for the most part, it just doesn't sharpen well at all.

Our previous electric pencil sharpener only worked when I held it a certain way and if we grabbed it from the wrong end, all the shavings would go everywhere.  What a mess!!

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the sharpener that all the teachers are talking about at Classroom Friendly Supplies!!

This amazing pencil sharpener was invented by a elementary school teacher, who along with his co-workers, was fed up with the loud and inefficient pencil sharpeners that they had in their classrooms. 

And not only does it sharpen every pencil perfectly every time, it's been named the quietest classroom pencil sharpener

So what do we think?  We LOVE IT!!  It is a little different from other pencil sharpeners, so we did have to look online at their helpful user video to learn how to use it. But once we got the hang of it, sharpening pencils became a breeze!

Edited on 3-11-14 -  This pencil sharpener is still going strong and we love it!

Here's a little video we made to show you how easy it is to use.  :)

And look at our pencils!!  Every one sharpened the same way, each time.

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Classroom Friendly SuppliesSharpeners are $24.99 and come in Cool Blue, Fire Engine Red, Groovy Green, Midnight Black, and Precious Pink.  Buy 3 or more for just $17.99 each or 36 for $13.99 each.  Each sharpener comes with free shipping and a 90 day money back guarantee.  Blade replacements are also available.  Go here to view more Photos and How To Videos.

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