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Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns Review

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Growing up we didn't own a sewing machine so I was never taught to sew.  When Funny Bunny was younger, hubby bought me a basic sewing machine for Christmas and I was ecstatic!!  Of course, I still didn't know how to sew.  I did buy a few simple patterns and was able to make a few things, but  patterns are sometimes confusing, and after a couple projects, I gave up.

So Funny Bunny and I were SUPER EXCITED to receive the How to Make Doll Clothes Video Course from Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns!!

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This online video course is the only program that gives you:

* Over 8 hours and 130 step-by-step instructional videos
* 12 months access so that you can watch the videos as many times as you like
* 8 free 18 inch doll clothes patterns with instructions AND video tutorials
* The choice to learn step by step over 6 weeks, receive the entire course immediately or purchase a DVD copy to keep forever

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Here's how we used it

Once logged in, we were given access to all the video tutorials and doll clothes patterns.  The videos are split into topics and divided into six weeks.  Each video lasts from 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the topic.

As an example, Week One includes 32 videos in the following topics:

* Introduction To How To Sew Doll Clothes
* Setting Up Your Sewing Room
* Tools That Make Sewing Doll Clothes Easy
* Everything You Need To Know About Fabric
* Know Your Elastic
* How To Use Your Sewing Tools
* Cool Tips When Using Your Sewing Tools

The videos were very helpful and easy to understand.  We learned several new things and loved the Cool Tips videos!  Funny Bunny and I watched all of Week One videos and some of Week Two before she couldn't wait any longer to get started. 

Out of the 8 free patterns {Sport Shorts, Crop Top, Sarong, Halter Top, Summer Nightie, Hat, Pumpkin, and Underpants}, we decided to make the Sport Short first.  We printed out the pattern and instructions and gathered all our materials.

The videos were very helpful in completing the project, especially for those of us who are less experienced with reading patterns and sewing.  Perfect for a 10-year old!!

After cutting, pinning, and ironing, we started sewing.

Below is the final result {I think they came out pretty good}!!

We also sewed a Sarong. 

Now she is excited to move on to the next sewing project!! 

Thoughts of a 10-Year Old: Sewing the doll clothes with the help of the Rosie's Doll Clothes videos was so easy.  They came out good, and though some parts were harder than others, like the seams, they came out better then we expected them to. The videos helped a lot. The dolls like their outfits.

Find Out More: You can find out more online at Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns.The How to Make Doll Clothes Video Course with 8 Free Doll Clothes Patterns is just $47.23.  This is a 12-month online membership.  There is also a DVD option, which is $66.14.  In addition, from now until Christmas Eve, they will be giving away an additional FREE doll clothes Pattern of YOUR choice with every Online How to Make Doll Clothes course or DVD set.  The course is for ages 8 and up. 

My Crewmates are also talking about Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns, so you can check out what they think about it HERE.

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