Friday, March 21, 2014

Flat Fluvius Friday

Hi, and welcome to Flat Fluvius Friday written by Funny Bunny.  Each Friday, Flat Fluvius will talk about himself, his armor, his language (Latin), and he’ll pose in a different spot. 

This is Flat Fluvius:

Flat Fluvius is about 35 years old and he’s been in the Roman army since he was around 18.  He fought in the Punic Wars, which you can learn more about here.

He hopes you enjoy this page! 

Armor: As you can see in the picture above, Flat Fluvius wears a lot of armor! (It almost makes him look 3-D, doesn’t it?)  So, let’s go through it all, step by step.

The first thing Fluvius puts on when he’s called to battle is his tunic

Some people think of it like Roman soldier underwear, but that’s really not the case.  Although a tunic is a garment underneath the armor, Romans considered tunics as their everyday clothes.  So really, Roman soldiers wear their armor over their normal clothes.

Tunics are red, woolen garments worn underneath all that armor.  The tunic hangs down to about the soldier’s thigh, and is very coarse and rough.  You can imagine how uncomfortable the Romans were – every day! 

Learn some Latin!  Fluvius speaks Latin, the old Roman language.  Here’s the exciting part – drum roll, everybody – now YOU get to learn the ancient language of the Romans! 

Fluvius will teach you one or two words each week.  Soon, you will be able to say many Latin words! 

So, here is your first word: Salve means hello

Whenever Fluvius sees a fellow soldier, a friend, his wife and children, or anyone he knows, he always says “Salve!” 

Now whenever you see someone you know, you can practice on them by saying “Salve!”

Here's your second word: Amicus means friend.

This one goes along with ‘salve’.  Whenever Fluvius meets someone he knows on the street, he says “Salve, amicus!”

Well done!  You’ve learned how to say “hello, friend” in Latin!  You’re doing great! 

Find Fluvius: In this part of the post, each week Fluvius will pose in a different spot.  It’s time to find Fluvius by guessing where he is!

Did you guess where Fluvius is?  If you guessed the library, then you are correct! The library is a great place to read a good book and get some research done. 

Speaking of research, these are a few good sites to learn more about the Roman Army: 

Mr. Donn's Social Studies Site

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Flat Fluvius post!

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Very cute! I love the Flat Fluvius idea. :-)

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I love this idea! Salve, bonus Flat Fluvius!

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