Saturday, March 22, 2014

Homeschool Mother's Journal 3-22-14

In our homeschool...

I can't believe we have only 8 more weeks left in 5th grade!!  YAY!

Funny Bunny has finished working on Unit 26: Life in Ancient Rome and Unit 27: The Roman Empire in Heart of Dakota's Creation to Christ.

She really enjoys this time period so it has been fun working on the projects together.

For her Independent History Study in Unit 26 she had to draw a Roman chariot and color it. 

And for her History Project in Unit 27 she had to make a cutout of a Roman Solider along with his clothes and equipment.  She's named him Flat Fluvius.  If you missed her post yesterday, she will be writing about him in an ongoing series she created and named, Flat Fluvius Friday.

For Science Funny Bunny has started a new book called Exploring the History of Medicine.  She is enjoying this one too.

Her science experiment last week was to find out the body's natural response to bleeding.  By using water, food coloring, salt, sugar, oil, and shredded wheat, we found that as blood flows out of a cut, the body's platelets form a sticky blood clot to seal the leak.  It was a great visual!

Books I am reading aloud to Funny Bunny...

Books Funny Bunny is reading independently...

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