Monday, March 3, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - March 3

Yesterday was the final day of my 28-day Engine 2 Challenge!!  Honestly, I wasn't sure how the past month was going to go.  I've attempted plant based eating in the past and wasn't successful.  But I'm happy to report that it was a success this time!!

So much of a success that I plan on continuing it!!

My Successes:

* I lost 6lbs, several inches, went down a clothing size, and feel great
* My energy level is up
* I haven't had any soda
* I've only had coffee three times and didn't finish any of them
* My tummy troubles have gone away
* My headaches have almost completely gone
* I didn't make anything with meat, dairy, eggs, or oil at home
* When eating out, I picked vegan options {to the best of my knowledge}
* I've found many restaurants will try their best to help
* I've been able to find quick and simple recipes my family has {mostly} enjoyed

My Challenges:

* Eating out is not always easy and I sometimes have to plan ahead
* My family has not always been excited to eat what I've made
* Not all recipes turn out like I'd hoped
* The grocery bill has been higher than budgeted on some weeks

Not too bad though, right?  And I'm hoping to get my cholesterol checked soon.

Last week we tried a new bean burger recipe and liked it so much we are having it again this week.

Over the weekend we ate at YourPie again.  We love it there!!  I got whole wheat crust, no cheese, and tons of veggies!

And last night we tried a new stuffed shells recipe but had mixed reviews.  Funny Bunny and I liked it but hubby just wanted some real cheese.  It made so much we'll be having it again tonight.  Sorry hubs.  :(

Friday night Funny Bunny danced at a basketball game so I made a last minute dessert to take.  I think it tastes really good, but did use carob chips {bought by mistake} instead of vegan chips and there is a taste difference.  I guess they could tell.  I really like it though so that's just more for me. ;)

Oh, and a last minute trip to the beach with friends on Saturday sent me into a spin to find something to bring that would fill me up.  I know it's not ideal, but it's all I could come up with.

For the menu this week our dinners will include:

Vegan Stuffed Shells
Pizza Potatoes
Happy Herbivore Quick Burgers
Quinoa Chili
Happy Herbivore Pancakes {which we didn't get to last week}

And snacks will include:

Fruit and Nut Bars {these were really good}
Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding

To learn more about this challenge, visit the Engine 2 Diet.

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