Monday, August 18, 2014

Curriculum Plans for 6th Grade

Last week Funny Bunny started 6th grade!  I seriously can't believe it!!  This year we are using Heart of Dakota once again.  Below is our 6th grade homeschool curriculum list.

We will be using Resurrection to Reformation from Heart of Dakota, which is a Christ-centered overview of the growth of the early church, the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the exploration of the new world, and the advancement of science.

For History, we will be using several books including Peril and Peace, The Story of the Middle Ages, Monks and Mystics, Famous Men of the Middle Ages, and The Mystery of History, Vol. 3.

For Science we will mainly be using Exploring Creation With Astronomy and A Child's Geography Explore His Earth.

For Math we are going to continue with Saxon with Saxon Math 7/6.  Last year she completed Saxon Math 6/5 and over the summer she breezed through Life of Fred: Fractions for a nice review.

Last month we had the opportunity to review Analytical Grammar.  We had been using Rod & Staff in the past but are going to continue Analytical Grammar and see how we like it.

Analytical Grammar is meant to be used on a three-year schedule, but my plan for this year is to combine years one and two and see how it goes.  I really like it and think Funny Bunny will learn a lot!

For Writing we will be using IEW's Medieval History-Based Writing.  We have used IEW in the past so it should be seamless.

Finally, for Latin this year we are switching back to Latin for Children by Classical Academic Press.  We received it in the mail over the weekend so she will be starting Latin for Children B this week.

That is the majority of what Funny Bunny will be working on for 6th grade this year.  To see what we used from PreK to 5th grade, look to the sidebar on the left.

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