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Wizzy Gizmo Fast Track Bible Pack Review

Wizzy Gizmo Review

Wizzy Gizmo?  It's a catchy name, but I'll be honest, until a few weeks ago I had never heard of them.  So who, or what, is Wizzy Gizmo?

According to their website, Wizzy Gizmo is a genius inventor who makes fun and fantastic gizmos, hence the interesting name. :)  Not only that, but he loves God and loves to explore the Bible.

So Wizzy Gizmo is a series of Bible books, audio dramas, and flashcards for kids. We've had the opportunity to review one of their products, the Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament cards.

Wizzy Gizmo Review

The New Testament Series is a 27 cards set, each card representing a book in the New Testament.  The cards are printed on the front and back on thick card stock, and are a large 5" x 9".

The front of each card contains a New Testament book summary, book theme, number of chapters, author, and date written.  The back contains an outline, key chapters, key passages, key doctrines, and key people.

You can click the picture below to see the first card, which is for the first book in the New Testament, the book of Matthew.

Included with the set is also a card which lists each of the 27 cards by book name, theme, date, author, and number of chapters.

The Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament cards are great for all ages and can be used in so many ways.

* Younger children can start slow by just reading the summary {or having the summary read to them} one day and selecting a key passage another day. That can continue until they are familiar with the book and/or verse.

* Early elementary age children can work toward memorizing the author, numbers of chapters, and date of the writing.

* Older elementary age children can continue on to memorize key chapters and/or passages.

* Middle school students can strive to memorize the outline and key people, as well as orally narrate the passage.

The cards can be easily hole punched and placed in a binder or on large key rings for easy storage and flipping.

Who can benefit by using these cards?

* Homeschool Families
* Children's Ministries
* Vacation Bible Schools
* Sunday Schools
* Christian Schools
* Bible Bee Participants

My Thoughts:  I think the The Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament cards are a great tool for children of all ages.  Because they are so versatile, parents and teachers can determine the best ways to use them for their student(s).  I like the large size and sturdiness of the cards, as well as the different colors on the back to distinguish the different sections.

Thoughts of an 11-Year Old:  The Wizzy Gizmo cards will be helpful for flash cards and memorizing the New Testament. For instance, the Matthew card says that "Matthew was excited about the Kingdom of Heaven". So as a quiz, you could say, "Who was excited about the kingdom of Heaven?" and they are good for little intros to Bible first-timers.

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Wizzy Gizmo.  The Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament cards are only $14.99 and is great for all ages. You can also save up to 10% off your purchase by sharing on multiple social media sites.

You can also find Wizzy Gizmo on Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, Google+, and Vimeo.

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Christine Williamson Pierce

Where can you get the downloadable files? I ordered this series before I saw it on this website but I would love to get the downloadable files with additional activities.

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