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G.A. Henty Audio Drama: Under Drake’s Flag Review

We love listening to audio CDs in the car!  It passes the time away and it's always fun to find one that really captures our attention, especially mine.  Under Drake's Flag, by Heirloom Audio Productions, did just that!

Under Drake's Flag is two hours of fast moving, non-stop adventure, great for the entire family! Adapted from the book, Under Drake's Flag, by G.A. Henty, the story is about two boys and their adventures with Sir Francis Drake on the high seas.

The tri-fold CD case comes with 2 CDs and a beautiful 14-page study guide and copy of Sir Francis Drake's Prayer.  The Study Guide is an excellent tool for parents to use with their children, to help them understand the story line and principles.

Each set of questions in the Study Guide had three parts:

Listening Well - basic comprehension questions
Thinking Further - deeper questions about the characters and their intentions
Defining Words - finding the meaning of words to help better understand the story

At the end of the Study Guide there are three short Bible Studies on Godly Character:

Bible Study I: Godly Character
Bible Study II: True Manhood
Bible Study III: Confessing Christ

My Thoughts:  We listened to Under Drake's Flag while in the car back and forth to dance and running errands.  The stories are exciting and kept our attention, but what I love more is the message! The two boys, Ned and Gerald, are strong Godly characters.  When they are tested, they stay strong in their faith.  This is an exciting and powerful audio drama, for boys and girls alike!

Thoughts of an 11-Year Old:  Under Drake's Flag was about a boy, Ned, who is invited on Sir Francis Drake's ship in replacement of a sick crew-member. After he is aboard, he meets Gerald, a fellow deck-swabbing boy, and the adventures are just beginning!

Along the way, the two friends save a young girl, are shipwrecked, bomb enemies, hide in the forest with the Africans, and are put in prison - all while maintaining their faith for the one who keeps them safe!

I liked Under Drake's Flag because the story was extremely interesting, and it also had great moral values for kids and adults to really live by. The whole family would get a kick out of this audio. I really liked it!

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Heirloom Audio Productions. Under Drake's Flag is a 2-CD audio. It includes two hours of non-stop adventure and is great for ages 6 to adult. The instant access MP3 download, which also includes an eStudy Guide and printable copy of Drake's Prayer, is just $20.  The 2 CD Set is $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping.  As bonuses, the set includes the MP3 download, eStudy Guide, Soundtrack MP3 download, and printable copy of Drake's prayer.

You can also fine Under Drake's Flag on Facebook.

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