Friday, September 5, 2014

Homeschooling with Heart of Dakota - Week 2

Heart of Dakota: Resurrection to Reformation - Unit 2: Early Church Councils & Creeds

Reading About History: Still reading Peril and Peace and enjoying it. 

History Storytime: Almost finished with Forbidden Gates.  This is a really good book!

History Project: This week Funny Bunny had to make a stained glass window.  This project was a little more time consuming but it turned out really neat!!

History Notebook: This page of her history notebook shows the timeline for the week, a postcard she wrote about Alexandria, and a written narration on Augustine.

Shakespeare:  For the past two weeks Funny Bunny has been reading The Tempest.  Each reading is split between two weeks and then she has to color a picture and copy a quote from the play.

Science Project/Experiment: She read about Eclipses.

Independent Reading:

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