Friday, April 17, 2015

Girls Preteen/Teen Bible Study

I recently started a Bible Study/Devotion with some of Funny Bunny's friends at dance.  For months prior, I really felt the Holy Spirit tugging on my heart to start something, but I just wasn't sure what at the time.  I continued to put it off but that feeling kept coming back.

I finally built up the courage and asked if these girls would be interested in going on this journey with me.  This was truly a hard step to take.  Although I enjoy teaching, I do have some anxiety over it, and let's face it, I certainly am no expert in the subject and don't have all the answers.

But I asked.  And they accepted. :)

So in following God's instructions as laid out in Matthew 28:18-20, I am using Beautiful Girlhood as my guide.  This book was originally published in 1922, and although it has been revised and republished more recently, the wording is still pretty old fashioned. The content is timeless though.

Here is a peek into what we have discussed so far:

The Strength of Obedience
Inner Beauty {today's lesson}

My intent is to write in detail about each one in hopes that it may help someone else. Will try to get the first up sometime next week.

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