Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Body for Life

I mentioned in my previous post that I received all of my recipe ideas from the book  Eating for Life, which is part of the Body for Life diet.  I heard about this diet several years ago and was actually very successful on it (probably the only diet I have been successful on).  If you are looking for something to help you along with your weight loss goals, this may be it.  Below I've listed some details.

Things I Like:
There is no calorie counting.  Sure I could calorie count and weigh every piece of food that enters my mouth, but I don't have time for it.  If you are in a hurry or at a restaurant, follow these guidelines:  Meat should be lean and the size of your palm, carbs should be complex (you know, the good ones) and the size of your fist, and fats should be limited.

There is plenty of variety.  Each meal should be balanced and have a protein, carb, and a little fat.  Protein for muscle, carb for energy, and a little fat because your body needs it.

There are no meals to buy and no supplements to take.  I've tasted some of those frozen and packaged meals and some are really nasty!  These are just regular foods you make yourself.  They do suggest you buy their shakes and bars, but you don't have to use them (I don't because I have never liked protein shakes and bars).

You can find most of the information online for free at the Body for Life website so you really don't have to buy a thing (this may be what attracted me to this diet).  The library tab has a ton of info!  There are also many online forums and groups for support and recipes.  Oh, and the transformations some of those people have gone through are amazing!!!

Although you can do this diet if you are a vegetarian, it is a bit harder.  There has to be a protein at each meal.  Of course if you like protein shakes and cottage cheese, then it is much easier.  Both make me gag...lol!  Beans are a great protein, they just throw off your carbs if you don't watch how much you are eating.  I was trying for a while to limit my meat intake, but now I just try to make sure it is organic and/or hormone free.  :o)

So, that is it.  My goals for the year is to stick to this eating plan and follow their exercise routine (which I'll outline later)

Disclosure: This product was NOT given to Our Homeschool Reviews for review purposes. I bought this product on my own and LOVE it so I want to share it with you! I have received no compensation from it and all opinions and experiences within this review are my own.


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