Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Posts for 2010

I've been reading everyone's "Top Posts for 2010", so I thought I would share three of mine.

My most popular post has been Not Back To School Blog Hop: Our School Room.  I talk about our school room and where we complete school work.  I know I always enjoy taking a look at other family school rooms, so it makes sense why this was popular!

Another post that was high on the list was Is Homeschooling Right For You?  I give some tips to help decide if homeschooling is the path for your family.

Finally, as readers were getting ready for the Christmas season they were checking out some of my Gift Ideas.



HI Christine!
Your book shelf looks awesome! Please make me feel good and tell me it doesn't always look so neat and inviting? :) I also did a post about our homeschool "classroom" in 2010.
Thanks for linking up to our No Ordinary Blog Hop! I always enjoy visiting your blog :)

The Adventurer

Thanks for linking up to No Ordinary Blog hop. Newest follower please consider following back:)


I read this post yesterday, and have been thinking of setting up a room like this. I have a few boxes to get rid of, but have been inspired by your photo. Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a great day.

Our Homeschool Reviews

Tracy, I'll admit that the shelves are usually that organized, but the floor is another matter. ;o)

Lynda, before we turned that room into the schoolroom it was more of a hodge-podge extra room. It took some time but I am happy with it now. :o)

Undeserving Grace

I envy those bookshelves! They probably wouldn't look that good if they were at my house. Now following from no ordinary blog hop join me at undeserving grace when you have some spare time :)
have a great week!

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