Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great Gift Ideas: Part 2

Yesterday I posted Great Gift Ideas: Part 1 and now I am going to continue with Part 2, so here are some more great gift ideas for you.


Pick and Draw.  It is a really creative and fun way to engage family and friends in drawing fun and easy cartoon faces! 

PyraMath.  The objective of the game is to complete a pyramid with your cards by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division.  Whoever is the first to finish their pyramid wins!


Dig-It Games: Roman Town.  Roman Town is a archaeological simulation game where your budding archaeologist digs for buried artifacts, puts together broken pieces, solves puzzles, and learns about the history of this Roman town and what life was like for these people. 

Corps of Re-Discovery.  Corps of Re-Discovery has created project kits to accompany studies of American Indians, Frontiersmen and Pioneer Americans so our children can also "re discover" America.


Evan-Moor: Daily Word Problems.  Includes 36 weekly sections, one- and two-step problems on Monday through Thursday, and a more extensive Friday format which may require multiple steps and a chart or graph.  We are continuing to work through this book and I will be purchasing the next level.

MathRiderMathRider helps children practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division from 1 to 12, as they ride their horse on noble quests through the magical MathLands.  Out of all the math drill products we have tried, this has been our favorite.

Multilple Subjects Online:

BigIQKids.  BigIQKids basically turns your computer into an online learning academy, where your children can log on to complete daily, fun and interactive lessons in spelling, math, vocabulary, AND the U.S. states.


Talking Fingers: Read, Write, and Type.  Two Helping Hands, Lefty and Rightway, help children foil Vexor through 40 exciting levels, building hundreds of animated sentences and stories as they go.  My daughter completed the program and still enjoys going back through it to complete the lessons.

Again, I hope this list is helpful and you were able to get a few good gift ideas! 



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