Thursday, August 8, 2013

5 Days of Heart of Dakota: Day in the Life

Today is DAY 4 of the August 2013 Crew Blog Hop!  My five day topic is on the Christ-centered homeschool curriculum, Heart of Dakota.  If you missed it, yesterday I discussed Learning Through History, Tuesday I got into the Nitty Gritty of the program and Monday I wrote a brief overview of the program.

Today I want to show you a Day in the Life of Heart of Dakota.  Of course, when I planned to talk about this, I thought we would have started our new school year already, but that hasn't happened.  I'd still love to show you how *I think* we are going to use it though!

I've been telling you all the wonderful things about this curriculum and I have one more to share!  Each book prepares the child to complete more and more work on their own.  The transition is slight with each book change, but it's there.  And with Creation to Christ, Funny Bunny will be doing more work independently!!  Yay!

Each segment of plans has the following designation:

T - Teacher Directed
S - Semi-Independent
I - Independent

And to move Funny Bunny toward even more "Independence," I've created a nice little checklist for her to keep track of what she has finished each day.

I'll also be placing all her resources for each day in this crate to keep everything organized and at hand, right by her desk.

This makes me even more excited to start!!!  And she is very excited too!

Again, thanks for visiting!  If you use Heart of Dakota with your family, I would love to hear from you.  Oh, and please click the banner below to visit some of the other great bloggers this week!

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