Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Days of Heart of Dakota: HOD Resources

Today is THE LAST DAY of the August 2013 Crew Blog Hop!  My five day topic is on the Christ-centered homeschool curriculum, Heart of Dakota.  If you missed it, here what I've talked about so far:

Heart of Dakota: Overview
Heart of Dakota: Nitty Gritty
Heart of Dakota: Learning Through History
Heart of Dakota: Day in the Life 

Our Homeschool Reviews Heart of Dakota Posts

Today I thought I would post some great Heart of Dakota resources because there are so many out there.  Below are just a few that I've found.

Heart of Dakota's Official Message Board - Start here!!
Heart of Dakota Blog Roll 2013-2014

Facebook Groups
Heart of Dakota Publishing
Little Hands to Heaven
Little Hearts for His Glory
Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory
Bigger Hearts for His Glory
Creation to Christ 
Resurrection to Reformation
Missions to Modern Marvels
World Geography
Heart of Dakota Buy/Sell/Trade

Yahoo Groups
Homeschooling Heart of Dakota Moms
Heart of Dakota Inspired
Heart of Dakota Buy Sell

Again, thanks for visiting!  I hope this Blog Hop topic has been helpful.  If you use Heart of Dakota with your family, I would love to hear from you.  Oh, and please click the banner below to visit some of the other great bloggers this week!

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