Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Best of 2012: Reviews

I reviewed over 70 products in 2012!!!  WOW!  Of the 70+, Funny Bunny and I selected our 15 favorites!!  Here they are in no particular order.  To see a complete list of products I have reviewed, scroll down and you will see all reviews listed by subject on the left. 

Math Rider:  Math Rider is super duper fun!!!  It's a great program and I love it.  It's so cool; every time you do a new quest you get to watch a 'Quest Story'.  There are 30 questions in each round.  The better you do, the more you progress to wherever you're going.  You can even practice your skills with up to 100 questions!  I absolutely LUV it! ~ Funny Bunny 

Pearson Homeschool enVisionMath:   I really love the Teacher CD!  It assisted me in leading the lessons and I could use it as much or as little as I needed.  It's also great for larger families because you can use the worksheets over and over again. ~ Me 

Aleks I think ALEKS is a very comprehensive math program.  Each time Funny Bunny logs in, she is taken directly to her Pie and completes the next piece of her choice. ~ Me 

Apologia: Who Am I?This hard cover book is put together so well with beautiful pictures and stories that really touch the heart of the reader. ~ Me

Apologia: Who Is My Neighbor?This book has good thinking points for kids my age. I like it! ~ Funny Bunny

Child Training Bible:  Now when Funny Bunny has a problem with, let's say, disobedience, I can easily flip to several verses in the Bible that specifically address it, and I have ideas for discussion. ~ Me

A Cry From EgyptI liked A Cry from Egypt because it’s exciting, fun, and I couldn't wait to read what’s next (once I was assigned to read one chapter and I read three)!  It has friendship, love, and adventure and you don’t even notice you’re reading history.  It’s a great book for all ages (especially nine year olds!) ~ Funny Bunny

The Worldwide Dessert Contest:   I like The Worldwide Dessert Contest because it has silly songs, hilarious characters and funny little lines. This is a "read another chapter, Mommy!" kind of book. We couldn't wait to see what came next! I really like it. ~ Funny Bunny 

Hearts for Hearts Girls:   I think they're great because they help out others by using their own skills and talents.  I like that because it encourages others that they can do just that. ~ Funny Bunny

Knowledge Quest: TimeMaps The great thing about this program, is not that you get just a map, it's that it is entirely interactive!! ~ Me

Reading EggsReading Eggs is one of my favorite online programs because it is super fun and I can play games.  The tests are fun, the Playroom is silly and the Puzzle Park is cool.  But what I like the most is the Story Factory because you can make your own stories and enter a contest.  It's a fun, fun game! ~ Funny Bunny

Creation IllustratedThis magazine has not only wonderful stories, but beautiful pictures as well.  An enchanting magazine! ~ Funny Bunny

Christian Kids Explore BiologyI liked this book so much that I may use it for our science next year!!  I like the layout and that there are a variety of assignments for the student to choose from.  I think the book is perfect for the 3-6 grade level.  It's also great for large families with children in multiple grades. ~ Me 

Vocabulary Spelling CityWe are loving Vocabulary Spelling City!  I like that I can use it how I want.  I can use their lists, make my own, make short lists, long lists, and add as few or as many activities to each assignment.  It is really up to me. ~ Me

Wordsmith ApprenticeShe is enjoying this writing curriculum so much that we plan to continue it throughout the year. ~ Me



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