Monday, January 19, 2015

The Best of 2014: Reviews

Last year I reviewed a total of 52 products!!  I really can't believe I reviewed so many!  Although I liked many of them, I've selected 15 favorites!  Below I've listed them in no particular order.

My Student Logbook - Funny Bunny has been using it to check off work that she has completed, and it is not only helpful for her to see how much she has left for the day, but also a great log of what she has completed for the year. ~ We still use this ~

The Brinkman Adventures I think The Brinkman Adventures are wonderfully exciting stories for families of all ages. The episodes span the globe and give the listener a glimpse of the real life adventures of a missionary family. ~ We still listen to this in the car ~

ARTistic Pursuits Sculpture Technique: ModelWe have all thoroughly enjoyed working in this book!  The supplies were easy to find and the instructions for each project were very clear.  We had never worked with putty before and it was so simple to use.

If He Had Not ComeWe both really enjoyed the story as well as the beautifully illustrated pictures.  I would highly recommend that all families add this title to their Christmas book collection.

Snake OilSnake Oil is a very fun game, and it has lots of silly results. It is a Pitch-A-Product game, and it can get very goofy. ~ We have played this many times since receiving it ~

Veritas Press Self-Paced History -  I have really been enjoying this course and so has Funny Bunny. I feel that the material is engaging and activities varied enough that the student will not get bored.  And the material is reviewed enough that they will retain it.

Kaia's BlessingI like Kaia’s Blessing because of the excitement and the adventure.  It made me want to know what happens next!  My favorite part was when Charles time traveled.  It is a good book with a Happily Ever After ending! 

Verilux Lamp I still can't believe how much brighter her work area is.  And I was surprised in the difference between the artificial light compared to the Natural Spectrum light. It's really made a huge difference! ~ We use this lamp daily ~

Riley Mae Book SeriesI have always liked the Riley Mae series, so I was super excited about the new Sole Fire Safari book. It was as good as always, with just the right amount of suspense, quirkiness, and of course Godliness and faith to keep me on my toes.

Analytical GrammarAnalytical Grammar is a no-nonsense, mastery approach to teaching grammar. I think it is a strong grammar program and I would recommend it. ~ We still use this ~

Curiosity QuestI really liked these DVDs, because they taught me a lot more about things I thought I already knew about (like turtles) and things that I wasn't quite as familiar with (like mushrooms).

Diary of a Real Payne Book Series - I really liked Diary of a Real Payne Book 3: Oh Baby! because, like the last two, EJ is as silly, imaginative, and unsophisticated as ever, while she still praises and learns about God. 

Maestro ClassicsThese CDs are great for young and old alike!  I love how they mold children's literature with classical music in a way that is enjoyable for kids of all ages.  And the booklets that are included have a wealth of information.

Moving Beyond the Page - The experiments in the Science Kit were really easy to do, and they were fun. You know, sometimes you do an experiment, and it either doesn't work, or you think afterwords, Huh. What did that do? But not only were these easy and fun, they worked in real life and I can use them!  

Lilla RoseWe found the clip to be very well made and the beading and design beautiful! It is simple to use and it comes with a sliding pin attached, so there is no worry about it getting lost. ~ We still use our clip ~

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